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ROARING FORK RIVER FISHING (float and wade) ---> Guides and Prices at bottom of article

Shore fishing or floating downstream are great ways to experience the Roaring Fork River. From the confluence with the Crystal River downstream to where it meets with the Colorado River, the Roaring Fork River is designated as Gold Medal Water.

These waters are defined as being able to produce 60 pounds of trout per acre, and at least twelve 14″ or larger trout per acre. Only 322 miles of Colorado’s 9,000 miles of trout streams, and three lakes carry the Gold Medal Water signature and the Roaring Fork River is one of them. This river is ideal for float trips, but easy access thanks in large part to the Rio Grande Trail, make it an excellent location for wading too.

The Roaring Fork River flows from Aspen into Glenwood Springs. Although there are plenty of places between Carbondale and Glenwood Springs for wading and shore fishing, this section of river is best experienced by floating. It is known for its large rainbow and brown trout,  averaging from 12 to 18 inches in length. During the winter months, this part of the Roaring Fork has a reputation for harboring some of the largest whitefish in Colorado. To float the lower river, launch boats at Carbondale under Highway 133. Stop for lunch at your rental at the Aspenwood House and get back into the boat for more fishing. Take out at the Westbank Bridge access or at Two Rivers Park in Glenwood Springs.


Tips for Guided Trips to Ensure a
Good Day on the Water

  1. Allow yourself to be guided – Your guide is on the water just about everyday. You may have LOTS of experience on other rivers, but your guide has the knowledge to be successful on our local waters. Our flies may be different than you’re used to , and our rigs may be different as well. Listening to your guide will ensure that you gain knowledge of our local waters so that you can have success on your own. Soak up the knowledge and enjoy your day!

  2. Tell your guide what goals you have before your trip starts – Going over your goals and expectations will allow the guide to get a better understanding of your style. This communication is essential and will allow you and your guide to be on the same page. You may really want to work on your streamer technique, or you may want to toss dries. Your guide must take this into account to ensure a satisfying day on the water.

  3. Be honest about your skill level – It is best to be up front about your fly fishing skill level. If you aren’t honest, your guide will be able to tell your skill level right away. It is totally ok to be a beginner! and our guides are usually guiding beginners. Learning the basics and the proper techniques is essential to becoming a better angler. Be a beginner! It’s where we all started.

  4. Ask Questions – Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions. Your guide should have an answer to all of them. Maximizing your learning experience is our goal. Any knowledge you can gain from your guide is a huge plus! Ask away.

  5. Try new techniques – If you tend to be a die hard nympher, you may want to experiment with streamers or dries during your guided trip. Your guide will help you improve your technique and add these skills to your arsenal. This will help you become a more well rounded angler.


*** Please confirm pricing as it's subject to chance seasonally


183 Basalt, Basalt, CO 970-927-4374

Wade Trips: 1-2 Anglers Half Day $475; 3 Anglers Half Day $575 --> 1-2 Anglers Full Day $575

Float Trips: 1-2 Anglers Half Day Float $525 ---> 1-2 Anglers Full Day $695



2205 Grand Avenue
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

All trips include rods, waders (if necessary), and beverages. Rod fees for private ranches, fishing licenses, flies and gratuities are not included.  Be sure to check fly fishing guide trip availability.

  • Full Float  $600.00
  • Half Float $450.00


Phone Number: 970-927-3441

Contact Frying Pan Anglers for Basalt and Aspen guided fly fishing on the Frying Pan, roaring fork and Colorado Rivers

  • Full Float  $695
  • Half Float  $525